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More Fukutomi and turtle. Also bedhead Arakita ^q^. Comic idea by Xanh

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Exercice adding movement to a “complex” illustration; here the jpg and gif files. This time They know nothing as another Attack on Titan fanart (Shingeki no Kyojin), with Annie Leonhardt!

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i’m trying to figure it out…….

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It’s fine. It’s all there. Eyes, nose, mouth… It’s all the same as me.

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If you get soaked, you’ll catch a cold, Master.

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"It won’t have any effect on the match. But don’t breathe a word of this to Rin.
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there were these au otp ideas for “wearing same clothes in subway au” and this is the first thing that came to my mind regarding toumaki. i spent 3h on this garbage i cant believe

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well i drew more of these faster than i thought i would ahaha;;;

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Sway, sway, swaying, 
Between the waves…
Shine, shine, shining,
Their voice drift into the distance.
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people…running???with feet?????? what is this???? where??? where bike???? nO BIKE?????? I, IMAIZUMI, REFUSE

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i’m happy for seirin and all but it still didn’t feel like it was rakuzan’s time to fall just yet idk