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[SouMomo] Koori gorogoro



氷コロコロ | あお ice rolling
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[TouMaki] Toudou ga Maki-chan no Denwa ni Itsudemo deru Manga



東堂が巻ちゃんの電話にいつでも出るまんが | 仲村トモ Toudou answering Maki-chan's calls at all times Manga
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Toumaki with manami and onoda ♡

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'Answer your phone!'
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Based off of this: x

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Okay guys, so you know how Rin has a thing about the pant sleeve rolled up with the ankle bracket exposed?



Let me explain to you guys a thing I happen to know a bit about. *cough*

In the gay men’s club scene (certainly in Australia and America),…

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Gou-san! Do you remember me?! Mikoshiba Momotarou! I'm a first year in the Samezuka Swim Team! My specialy is backstroke! My hobby is hunting for stag beetles! 
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Is that not enough? You promised you’d give me anything I asked for! Rin!

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Rin + Sousuke

"More importantly, Rin. Why didn’t you ever call me during these past five years?"

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Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Haruka and Feebas 

Haruka met Feebas when he was young. He finally evolved when Haru is Grade 12, but he was too big to stay at home. In the end, Haru decided to let him live in the sea. Milotic was very sad that he can’t stay with Haru and take a bath with him life before. So Haru stopped by sea everyday to see him. 

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Hang in there, Nitori

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Chap.235.5, part 1

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A minute of silence for Yamazaki Sosuke who lost:


  • A popsicle
  • The bottom bunk
  • The cola he paid